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Richard Baxter – Directions To The Melancholy About Their Thoughts

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From The Christian Directory

He is endless in his scruples: afraid lest he sin in every word he speaketh, and in every thought, and every look, and every meal he eateth, and all the clothes he weareth: and if he think to amend them, he is still scrupling his supposed amendments: he dare neither travel, nor stay at home, neither speak, nor be silent, but he is scrupling all; as if he were wholly composed of self-perplexing scruples. 21. Hence it comes to pass that he is greatly addicted to superstition; to make many laws to himself that God never made him; and to ensnare himself with needless vows, and resolutions, and hurtful austerities; “touch not, taste not, handle not;” and to place his religion much in such outward, self-imposed tasks.