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Jeremiah Burroughs: It is the Lord: Let Him Do What Seems Good to Him. (1 Samuel 3:18) – 1677

It is the Lord, that has the absolute Right to us, and all that we have; more than we have to ourselves, or anything that we enjoy. It is the Lord, that hath the absolute Authority over us, to do with us what He will; you have not so much authority over a Worm under your feet, as God hath over you, and over all your Comforts; you have not so much right to kill a Fly, as the Lord hath to take away your Lives: He hath more Right a thousand times over your Lives, Family, Comforts, and all you have, than you have over the meanest Creature, He hath the absolute Right over you all.


When at length your turn comes, as it certainly will, from the first hour in which an affliction seizes you, realize to yourself the hand of God
in it, and lose not the view of him in any second cause, which may have proved the immediate occasion. Let it be your first care to "humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.
Great Trials and Afflictions Endured