Andrew Fuller – Symptoms of a Backsliding Spirit – 1801

Every departure from God must not be reckoned a mere imperfection which is common to good men. We are extremely apt, in certain cases, to flatter our selves that our spots are only the spots of God’s children, or such as the best of men are subject to, and therefore to conclude that there is nothing very dangerous about them. If, after having been repeatedly drawn into sin by associating in certain companies, or engaging in certain pursuits, we can nevertheless run into them again without fear, we cannot possibly have repented of our deeds. Nay more, though we should fear to plunge ourselves into temptation, yet if when providence brings us into such situations and companies, our hearts secretly rejoice in it, this is no less an evidence of our impenitent state than the other. True repentance will not only teach us to shun the way of evil, but to be averse to every avenue that leads to it. If therefore, we either run into temptation or are glad when we are led into it, we are beyond all doubt under the power of it.

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