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Gardiner Spring – Something Must Be Done 1815 conclusion

It is time to be alarmed! It is time to tremble for the church of Christ! While the enemy is thus coming in like a flood, must not the Spirit of the Lord “lift up a standard against him” (Isa. 59:19)? How can it be expected that sinners will hearken to the voice of the Son of God when saints will not hearken? How can we hope that the world will regard what the church will not regard (Amos 6:12)? How few will be brought to the saving knowledge of Jesus unless the Lord revive the languid graces of His own people and pour out His Spirit upon His enemies?

Something Must Be Done

Gardiner Spring – Something Must Be Done 1815

Does not the state of the church call for contrition? When I look round upon God’s people in this congregation, and in our favoured city; when I see how much their worldliness, indifference and stupidity, weakens the hands of ministers; prevents the access of the Comforter; and retards the progress of a work of grace; I feel justified in urging this duty as of present and immeasurable importance. Be entreated not to resist the motives to immediate repentance. There must not be a closet that does not witness many a heart-felt sigh; nor a bosom that does not swell with grief; nor an eye that does not run down with tears.

Something Must Be Done