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Archibald Alexander – Growth in Grace

Young converts are prone to depend too much on joyful frames, and love high excitement in their devotional exercises; but their heavenly Father cures them of this folly, by leaving them for a season to walk in darkness and struggle with their own corruptions. When most sorely pressed and discouraged, however, He strengthens them with might in the inner man. He enables them to stand firmly against temptation; or, if they slide, he quickly restores them, and by such exercises they become much more sensible of their entire dependence than they were at first.

Growth in Grace

George Whitefield – A Penitent Heart, the Best New Year’s Gift

Resolve to cast thyself at the feet of Christ in subjection to him, and throw thyself into the arms of Christ for salvation by him. Consider, my dear brethren, the many invitations he has given you to come unto him, to be saved by him; “God has laid on him the iniquity of us all.” O let me prevail with you, above all things, to make choice of the Lord Jesus Christ; resign yourselves unto him, take him, O take him, upon his own terms, and whosoever thou art, how great a sinner soever you have been, this evening, in the name of the great God, do I offer Jesus Christ unto thee…This narration also includes a part of the testimony of Thomas Halyburton. 1674-1712


John Owen – The Severity of God in Dealing with Sinful Nations 2

There are very few {pastors} who will be at the charge of carrying on this work {of reformation}. They may quickly find what it will cost them; for unless they are exemplary in it themselves, it is in vain once to attempt the pressing of it upon others. They cannot go about it without great retrenchings of that which they have esteemed their liberty in the course of their conversations. All compliance with unreformed persons, for secular ends; all conformity unto the course of the world, in jollities and pride of
life; all ostentation of riches, wealth, and power; all self-seeking and self-pleasing; all lightness and carnal confidences, — must utterly be cast away.
And not only so, but unless, by incessant prayers and supplications, with earnestness and perseverance, they labor for fresh anointing with the Spirit of grace in their own souls, that faith, and love, and zeal for God, and compassion for the souls of men, and readiness for the cross, may revive and flourish in them, — they will not be useful, nor instrumental in this work.

The Goodness and Severity of God in Dealing With Sinful Nations 2 of 2

Richard Adams – Of Hell – Puritan Morning Exercises May 1659

Richard Adams, English Puritan (c. 1626 – February 7, 1698), was a Presbyterian minister. Formerly fellow Brazen Nose College, Oxford. He was ejected from his pulpit for nonconformity in 1662. He assisted Edward Veale in editing and publishing Stephen Charnock’s Discourse of Divine Providence. He contributed four of the Cripplegate Sermons: 1) What are the Duties of Parents and Children; and how are they to be managed according to Scripture?; 2) How may child-bearing Women be most encouraged and supported against, in, and under the Hazard of their Travail?; 3) How are the ordinary Means of Grace more certainly successful for Conversion, than if Persons from Heaven or Hell should tell us what is done there?; and 4) Of Hell. He prepared the commentaries on Philippians and Colossians in Matthew Poole’s Annotations. He published a funeral sermon for Henry Hurst. His own funeral sermon was preached by John Howe.


Richard Adams – Of Hell

Jonathan Edwards – Natural Man in a Dreadful Condition

“The dreadfulness of their depravity appears in that they are so sottishly blind and ignorant. God gave man a faculty of reason and understanding, which is a noble faculty. Herein he differs from all other creatures here below. He is exalted in his nature above them, and is in this respect like the angels, and is made capable to know God, and to know spiritual and eternal things. And God gave him understanding for this end, that he might know him, and know heavenly things and made him as capable to know these things as any others. But man has debased himself and has lost his glory in this respect. He has become as ignorant of the excellency of God, as the very beasts. His understanding is full of darkness. His mind is blind. It is altogether blind to spiritual things. Men are ignorant of God, and ignorant of Christ, ignorant of the way of salvation, ignorant of their own happiness, blind in the midst of the brightest and clearest light, ignorant under all manner of instructions.”

Natural Man in a Dreadful Condition

Samuel Pike – Touchstone of Saving Faith – 1755

One of the most helpful chapters in one of the most experimental books on the evidences that a person has saving faith. Pike wrote, “A mistake here may be most detrimental; and we ought to be very cautious, lest we fall into an error on either hand; lest the false hope of the hypocrite be encouraged, or the true hope of the gracious – soul be discouraged. We must not administer peace, where there is no peace; nor yet grieve the hearts of those, whom the Lord would not have made sad. To steer the direct course between presumption and despondency, is most desirable, and yet truly difficult. Let every one, therefore, read what follows with close attention, comparing it with the word of God, and begging that the Lord, the Spirit, may enable them to apply it to their own cases and consciences in a right manner.” Cases of Conscience – Pike and Hayward 1755

Touchstone of Saving Faith – 1755



John Owen – Fearful Thing to Fall into God’s Hands 10:31

John Owen observes the fearful comment of falling into the hands of the living God. As well the rest of this recording is Owen opening up Hebrews 4:1 Let us therefore fear, lest, a promise being left to us of entering into His rest, any of you should seem to come short of it. Owen wrote, “This denouncing of threatenings unto believers is suited unto their good and advantage in the state and condition wherein they are in this world; for believers are subject to sloth and security, to wax dead, dull, cold, and formal in their course. These and many other evils are they liable and obnoxious unto whilst they are in the flesh. To awake them, warn them, and excite them unto a renewal of their obedience, doth God set before them the threatenings mentioned.

Fearful Hands of God

Matthew Henry – Advice to the Sexually Wanton and Unclean

This is a sermon from the Collected Works of Matthew Henry Volume 1. From Four Discourses Against Vice and Profaneness. Henry wrote, “That is a miserable calling which lust only lives by, and which soul and body will certainly be ruined by. That is a miserable service wherein the devil is the master, sin’s drudgery is the work, and hell-fire the wages, for the end of those things is death.
Such houses, and their inhabitants and maintainers, are the scandal of a Christian nation, the pests of the towns and countries where they are, the slaughter-houses of precious souls, the rendezvous of the vilest of creatures ; and more frightful habitations of devils, holds of foul spirits, and cages of unclean and hateful birds, than Babylon the great will be when it is fallen, Rev. 18:2.

Advice to the Sexually Wanton

John Owen – The Grace and Duty of Being Spiritually Minded Chapter 13

This chapter is, “The work of the renovation of our affections — How differenced from any other impression on or change wrought in them, and how it is evidenced so to be — The first instance, in the universality accompanying of affections spiritually renewed — The order of the exercise of our affections with respect unto their objects.” It also includes a reading from William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armor, and answer to a mourning Christian who doesn’t feel that God is answering his prayers for grace and strength to fight his corruptions and indwelling sin.

Spiritual Mindedness Part 3 chapt. 13