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John Preston – The Repentance of Judas

  1. The Affects of a Startled Conscience…The Remains of That Reverend and Learned Divine, John Preston:
    1. Judas’s Repentance. Matthew 27:3-5.
    2. The Saints’ Spiritual Strength. Ephesians 3:16.
    3. Paul’s Conversion (or, The Right Way to Be Saved). Acts 9:6.

      The Repentance of Judas

Richard Alleine – Heaven Opened to the Unconverted.

From  Alleine’s book, Heaven Opened…

Come then, sinner ; what sayest thou ? Dost thou 
consent? Dost thou accept? Or, as Laban to Re- 
bekah, Wilt thou go with this man ? Let me espouse 
thee to this one Husband ; only let me first tell thee, the matter is solemn, and thoii must be serious. It is for life, it is for eternity. Consider therefore, and let thy heart, lying prostrate before the Almighty, come in and make answer to these demands, which from him, and in his great and dreadful name, I make unto thee.

Heaven Opened to the Unconverted

Charles Spurgeon – Sermon for the Most Miserable of Men

It is a most surprising thing that there should be in this world persons who have the richest consolation near to hand, and persistently refuse to partake of it. It seems so unnatural, that if we had not been convinced by abundant observation, we should deem it impossible that any miserable soul should refuse to be comforted.

Sermon for the Most Miserable of Men