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Life and Writings of A W Pink – Thomas Sullivan

In April of 2008, I taught Pink’s biography in Holland MI.  I was asked to teach a class of my choice to fill in for a pastor at the church June 3rd, 2018. Since I only had 23 hours, it made sense to teach on a subject I was familiar with. Because I don’t like to repeat historical subjects, I focused more on Pink’s excellent contributions in his writings to the subject of election and soteriology.

Life of A W Pink


Jonathan Edwards – An Humble Attempt to Promote Prayer for Revival


The first parts of this excellent work are only partially read as it is Edwards’s commentary on prophetical passages from his post-millenial views that the kingdom was near at hand in 1744. The narration is the first part of Part 2 which is very edifying and an exhortation and encouragment to prayer so much needed in our day.

Humble Call to United Prayer


Joshua Bradley – Accounts of Revivals from 1815-1818 in America

This account of revivals is from numerous publications and letters. This narration also includes a reading from an article in the 1838 Biblical Repertory from a pastor who was at the Kentucky revivals of 1800-1803 who also witnessed the physiological aberrations referred to as the jerks. Iain Murray details this revival in great detail in his work Revivals and Revivalism.

Accounts of Revivals from 1815-1818

Thomas Sullivan – The River of Death – Pilgrim’s Progress

In this lesson we examined why for some saints, crossing the great divide is fearful, why God seems to hide His face, and how to prepare for that solemn day. We mentioned the story: A death-bed dialogue: being a series of conversations between Mr. Shirra, 1724-1803 and Mr. Lister – a 27-year-old young pastor who feared he was only a hypocrite. That story is narrated and is also on this site.

Robert Shirra – Death Bed Dialogue Between Shirra and Thomas Lister 1789

The River of Death – Pilgrim’s Progress


Tom Sullivan – Pilgrim’s Progress – Beulah Land

In this lesson, we look at the pilgrim’s entering into Beulah Land, a place where they could have a fortaste of glory and be at a distance from Giant Despair’s castle and The Valley of the Shadow of Death. We learned of the story of The Dairyman’s Daughter, who died in 1801, the death of Edward Payson, a story also from Archibald Alexander was read. Finally, I talked about a friend who passed away 4 years ago this week and what a remarkable servant he was, though he was a quadriplegic.

Bealah Land in Pilgrim’s Progress

Jonathan Edwards – The Sorrows of the Bereaved Spread Before Jesus

This is a funeral sermon for Pastor William Williams, the uncle of Jonathan Edwards 1665-1741. William Williams is the pastor who most likely beseeched Solomon Stoddard to appeal to Jonathan Edwards to be his successor at Northhampton. Interestingly, however, it was his sons – for example Solomon Williams – that turned against Jonathan Edwards in 1751 and were instrumental in removing him as the pastor.

The Sorrows of the Bereaved Spread Before Jesus

Pilgrim’s Progress – The Enchanted Ground – T M Sullivan

In this lesson, we sought to learn about what the Enchanted Ground represents. First, in a society or town, 2ndly in the church, 3rd in the individual believer. It also is a very basic introduction to declension in spirituality prior to the 1st and 2nd Great Awakening and the revivals that came after in answer to prayer.

Pilgrim’s Progress – The Enchanted Ground

John Warton – Death Bed Scenes – Mr. Maddox, Despair

IT has often occurred to me as something wonderful, that, amongst the vast variety of books, which are to be met with, on the important subject of Religion, there should still be wanted a manual for the information and direction of the Minister in his daily intercourse with sick persons and other members of his flock. There are indeed plenty of excellent theoretical treatises upon this branch of the Minister’s duty; and much also might be learnt from the biography of Clergymen, who have been eminently active in their parochial labours.

Death Bed Scenes – Despair of Salvation