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John Calvin – I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal

An instructive sermon, from 1556, to assist saints suffering in very difficult trials. From John Calvin’s Sermons on Deuteronomy.

From John Hendryx of Monergism, ”

John Calvin preached 200 sermons on Deuteronomy. They have been dropped down the memory hole. In 1583, a translation of them appeared in English. This was ignored, then forgotten. Over four centuries later (1987), the Banner of Truth Trust reprinted an English edition, which was barely readable in 1583, and was worse in the facsimile copy. Today, a used copy sells for $400 or more.

Recently this was put into the public domain. A dedicated woman voluntarily proofed the digital text, and then produced clean copy. The public can now read these sermons, which have been ignored for 450 years.  I want people to know about these remarkable documents.  For free online,


I Kill and Make Alive, I Wound and I Heal

John Owen – I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait – The Forgiveness of Sin

John Owen’s exposition and application of Psalm 130:5,6

Having been raised out of his depths by the discovery of forgiveness in God, yet not being immediately made partaker of that forgiveness, as to a comforting sense of it, he gathers up his soul from wandering from God, and supports it from sinking under his present condition.Establishment in waiting, when there is no present sense of forgiveness, yet gives the soul much secret rest and comfort.

I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait

Archibald Alexander – Answers to Prayer Long Delayed and Other Tracts

This is a collection of tracts Alexander wrote for the American Tract Society. They were gathered into a book called “Practical Truths.” A cassette recording of this was done back in 1985, one of two very first books narrated for the Chapel Library. This is a new recording. It is closed out with Death Bed Scenes, the dying words of Richard Baxter, then Phillip Doddridge, and Thomas Scott.

Practical Truths – Tracts written for the American Tract Society

Samuel Finley – The Madness of Mankind – Jun 1754

Samuel Finley was the 5th president of the College of New Jersey which became Princeton U. In the early 1800’s there was an amazing Bible tract published by the American Tract Society called, Death Bed of a Free Thinker – the horrible death of Francis Newport (died 1623) This book is no longer available as a free pdf, but it can be found alongside of the death bed of Samuel Finley. It was titled “The Death Bed of a Free-Thinker and the Death Bed of a Christian contrasted. The story of Finley’s death is detailed in chapter 19 of A. Alexander’s Thought on Religious Experience. Death Bed of the Believer. Finley said, ” Although I have as earnestly desired death, as the hireling pants for the evening shade, yet will I wait all the days of my appointed time. I have often struggled with principalities and powers, and have been brought to the borders of despair. Lord, let it suffice.” Finley preached the funeral sermon for Samuel Davies.

The Madness of Mankind

Jonathan Edwards – Wrath Upon The Wicked to the Uttermost.

From the sermon, ” Wrath will come upon them without any restraint or moderation in the degree of it. God doth always lay, as it were, a restraint upon himself. He doth not stir up his wrath. He stays his rough wind in the day of his east wind. He lets not his arm light down on wicked men with its full weight. But when sinners shall have filled up the measure of their sins, there will be no caution, no restraint. His rough wind will not be stayed nor moderated. The wrath of God will be poured out like fire. He will come forth, not only in anger, but in the fierceness of his anger; he will execute wrath with power, so as to show what his wrath is, and make his power known. There will be nothing to alleviate his wrath. His heavy wrath will lie on them, without anything to lighten the burden, or to keep off, in any measure, the full weight of it from pressing the soul. — His eye will not spare, neither will he regard the sinner’s cries and lamentations, however loud and bitter. Then shall wicked men know that God is the Lord. They shall know how great that majesty is which they have despised, and how dreadful that threatened wrath is which they have so little regarded.”

Wrath Upon the Wicked to the Uttermost

Robert M M’Cheyne Diary for 1835, and First Preaching Efforts

“Every day I live, I feel more and more persuaded that it is the cause of God and of his kingdom in Scotland in our day. Many a time, when I thought myself a dying man, the souls of the perishing thousands in my own parish, who never enter any house of God, have lain heavy on my heart. Many a time have I prayed that the eyes of our enemies might be opened, and that God would open the hearts of our rulers, to feel that their highest duty and greatest glory is to support the ministers of Christ, and to send these to every perishing soul in Scotland.” Bonar, Andrew A.. The Biography of Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Life and Diary of Robert M M’Cheyne 1835