John Downame – The Christian Warfare Against the Devil, World, and Flesh 1633-34

John Downame’s treatise is the magnus opus in the “Christian warfare” genre of literature. It was written in four parts, each part published separately between 1604 and 1618. Part one treated the threat of the devil, parts two and three the threat of the world, and part four the threat of the flesh. Together the four parts numbered over 4,000 pages. There was an enormous demand for treatises such as Downame’s. While the Puritans, those self-styled “regenerate” or “godly” Christians, remained a minority everywhere, they were a literate, book-buying minority that eagerly sought treatises of spiritual advice.

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The Christian Warfare Intro – 1634 


Christian Warfare Chapters 1 – 3


The Christian Warfare Chapter 4and5


The Christian Warfare Chapter 9

The Christian Warfare Part 5


The Christian Warfare 5th part

Chapter 10


The Christian Warfare Chapter 11


The Christian Warfare Chapter 14, the helmet


The Christian Warfare 8 – Of Praying


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