John Owen, Several Cases of Conscience in 9 Discourses

DISCOURSE 1.Question. What conviction of a state of sin, and of the guilt of sin, is necessary to cause a soul sincerely to look after Christ?

Discourse 1

1 DISCOURSE 2. Question. Seeing the act of closing with Christ is secret and hidden,and the special times and seasons of our conversion unto God are unknown unto most, what are the most certain evidences and pledges that we have cordially and sincerely received Christ, and returned unto God?

Discourse 2


2 DISCOURSE 3. Question. What concern have we in the sins of the day wherein we live?

Discourse 3


DISCOURSE 4 Question. How may we recover from a decay of the principle of grace?

Discourse 4


Question. It was queried by some, how we may make our application unto Christ; not in general, but under what notion and apprehension of the person of Christ?

Discourse 5


Question. How may we make our addresses to Christ for the exercise of grace; that is, that we may have grace strengthened, and be ready for all exercise? or, How may we make application to Christ, that we
may receive grace from him to cover from decays?

Discourse 6


Question. When our own faith is weakened as to the hearing of our prayers — when we ourselves are hindered within ourselves from believing the answer of our prayers, have no ground to expect we should be heard, or no ground to believe we are heard — what are
those things that greatly weaken our faith as to the  answer of our prayers; that though we continue to pray, yet our faith is weakened as to the hearing of our prayers? and what are the grounds that weaken men’s faith in such a state?

Discourse 7


Question. When may any one sin, lust, or corruption, be esteemed habitually prevalent?

Discourse 8


Question. What shall a person do who finds himself under the power of a prevailing corruption, sin, or temptation?

Discourse 9

What was required in the time of approaching judgments and calamities

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