Edward Reynolds – The Woeful and Desperate Case of the Physician’s Patient.

From the sermons of Reynolds on Hosea 14 ” I will heal their apostasy; I will love them freely, for my anger has turned from them.”

The poor woman in the gospel, which had an issue of blood, “spent all that she had, on physicians, and was never the better:” —so poor sinners empty all the powers of soul, of body, of time, of estate, everything within their reach, upon their lusts; and are as unsatisfied at last as at the first. Like a silk-worm, which works out his own bowels into such a mass, herein
himself is buried; it weareth them out, and sucketh away the radical strength in the service of it; and yet never giveth them over, but, as Pharaoh’s task-masters exacted the brick when they had taken away the straw, so lust doth consume and weaken natural strength, in the obedience of it; and yet when nature is exhausted, the strength of lust is as great, and the commands as tyrannous as ever before. We are to distinguish between the vital force of the faculties, and the activity of lust which sets them on work: that decays and hastens to death, but sin retains its strength and vigour still: nothing kills that but the blood of Christ and the decay of nature ariseth out of the strength of sin. The more any man, in any lust whatsoever, makes himself a servant of sin, and the more busy and active he is in that service,—the more will it eat into him, and consume him: as the hotter the fever is, the sooner is the body wasted and dried up by it.