Robert Hawker – 5 Minutes Advise to Prayerless Persons – 1800

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The almost Christians, like Agrippa, who were just now mentioned, and the half-believers, like Nicodemus, both need nothing more than the frequent recollection of the unpardonable duplicity of an unsettled and wavering conduct; and of the increased condemnation which must finally fall on such in the great day of account. Reader, art thou ashamed of prayer?— ashamed of that which is the distinguishing character of man, and the noblest privilege with which he is furnished? Anticipate, I beseech thee, that hour when the shame will be on the opposite side of the question ; when it will not be the shame of man; of a poor fleeting creature of a day, like thyself; but the shame of an offended God, an injured Redeemer, and the presence of the whole world of congregated beings, at the judgment-seat of Christ!