Robert Bolton – False Preachers Laying Pillows Under the Elbows of Hypocrites. 1620

Say unto them which daub it with untempered morter, that it shall fall:  Ezekiel 13:11

Hear how they (false prophets) are branded in the Book of God, calling
them, “pillow-sewers” under men’s elbows (Ezek.xiii, 18); that being laid soft and locked fast in the cradle of security, they may sink suddenly into the pit of destruction before they are aware. “Criers of Peace, peace, when there is
no peace” (, 14) Healers of the hurt of their hearers with sweet words (Jer. vi, 14), while their souls are bleeding by the wounds of sin unto eternal death. Preachers of smooth things (Isa. xxx, 10); which kind of men, the greatest part, and all worldlings, wonderfully affect and applaud, though
to their own everlasting undoing.”

“Daubers with untempered mortar” (Ezek.xiii, 11), who erect in the conceits of those who are willing to be deluded by them (Pharisees ai the best) a rotten building of false hope, like a ” mud-wall without straw, or mortar made only of sand without lime to bind it,” which in fair weather
makes a fair show for a while; but when an abundance of rainfalls and winter comes, it molders away and turns to mire in the streets.