F W Krummacher – The Crucifixion – 1855

From the book, The Suffering Savior. From B O T website, ”
Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher, perhaps the greatest preacher on the continent of Europe in the middle years of the nineteenth century, was born on 28 January 1796. So great was the influence of Krummacher throughout all Germany that he was called in 1853 to be the court chaplain at Potsdam, and here he remained until his death, sixteen years later. Krummacher was by many reckoned the greatest evangelical preacher in all Europe at that time. Philip Schaff wrote an eloquent tribute following Krummacher’s death on 19 December 1868. He spoke of him as ‘endowed with every gift that constitutes an orator, a most fertile and brilliant imagination, a vigorous and original mind, a glowing heart, an extraordinary facility and felicity of diction, perfect familiarity with the Scriptures, an athletic and commanding presence, and a powerful and melodious voice, which, however, in later years underwent a great change, and sounded like the rolling of the distant thunder or like the trumpet of the last judgment.

Alas! alas! what is it that now takes place on that bloody hill? O heart of stone within us, why dost thou not break? Why, thou cold and obdurate rock, dost thou not dissolve in tears of blood? Four barbarous men, inured to the most dreadful of all employments, approach the Holy One of Israel, and offer him, first of all, a stupefying potion, composed of wine and myrrh, as usual at executions. The Lord disdains the draught because he desires to submit to the will of his heavenly Father with full consciousness and to drink the last drop of the accursed cup. The executioners then take the Lamb of God between them and begin their horrid occupation by tearing, with rude hands, the clothes from off his body.