Pike and Hayward – My Comforts – Are They Spiritual or From Nature and Deceiving?

How may a person distinguish between the genuine consolations of the Gospel, wrought in the heart by the Spirit of God, and those comforts that spring from our own imagination or a delusive spirit?

Even in a true believer, I question not but comforts may spring from his own imagination or a delusive spirit. The comforts will not fail to produce corrupt fruit. Instead of melting, it will harden the heart, filling it with pride and vanity, not with humility and gravity. They will cause the wheel of obedience to run heavily, whether it respects private devotion or public worship; the general conduct also will be more lax and careless, for the “conversation” will not be more “in heaven.” The person will be more prompted to an offensive and sinful self-seeking, than to a savory and holy self-denial. He will be carried away more by sense than by faith, and in many parts of his conduct he will imitate an unbeliever, rather than bear the image of his holy Redeemer.