Pike and Hayward – Am I Being Led By the Spirit of Truth or of Error? 1 John 4:1-6

The operations of the Spirit come with pureness and pleasure: the light in the understanding diffuses itself through all the faculties. But Satan’s influence, and that of our own hearts, as there is no light in it for the understanding, so there is no purity, peace, or pleasure for the believer; but something painful and defiling. To transgress is a hard way; an unclean and troublesome way, Prov. 13, the way in which transgressors choose to walk..

The operations of the Spirit, the influence of Satan, and the motions of our own hearts, are all at times very sudden, and something surprising; but the operations of the divine Spirit, however sudden or surprising, are always calm, pure, transforming, and humbling, referring all unto the uninterrupted word. Whereas the motions of our own hearts, and Satan’s suggestions, are always attended with something or other inconsistent with, and directly opposite to these. Oh, that those who have eyes to see, would but make use of them.