Andrew Bonar – Man Lying With Man – An Abomination 1861

Andrew Bonar Commentary – Leviticus 18

And such is the human heart that all these forms of depravity were not too bad to be anticipated by the Lord, who knew the heart. He knows the virulence of the poisoned spring. The Syrian Hazael wonders that any should fancy, far less say, that he could be capable of a murderous deed; but the Lord Jehovah, looking on the unrenewed heart, forms this estimate of it, even in the case of his own Israel, viz. they might be tempted not only to adultery (ver. 20), and to present† their children to Molech, in reckless inhumanity, and perhaps in order to be quit of them (ver. 21). By all this they brought public reproach on the name of Jehovah (“profaning his name”); yet even beyond this would they go. Some might be led (ver. 22) to the grossest and most shocking lust man with man, and (ver. 23) man or woman with beasts. How awful is the Lord’s judgment of the human heart! He believes that an Israelite, though surrounded –as an Israelite, of course, was, with everything that could fence in his morality–might nevertheless have a heart so foul as to burst all bounds, and transgress all limits, and
overflow all banks.

The land was to be cleared of its inhabitants, who had committed these sins. Iniquity done in its secret places was crying to God for vengeance, and the land itself was loathing the foul sins it was compelled to bear–the land
itself was ” spewing out”* the people. Again we see, as at the beginning of the chapter, that these precepts have all of them a place in the conscience.
The law is written on the heart even of these Canaanites, and for resisting that law they are punished.