John Flavel – The Hearts of Sinners Bolted Against Christ 1689

From the book, England’s Duty, or Christ Knocking at the Door of Sinner’s Hearts.

That all hearts are naturally shut and made fast against Christ, is a sad but certain truth; we read, John 1:11, “He came unto his own, and his own received him not.” He came unto his own people, from whose stock he sprung—a people to whom he had been prefigured in all thesacrifices and types of the law, and who might in him clearly discern”the accomplishment of them all. His doctrines and his miracles plainly told them who he was, and whence he came ; yet few discerned and received him as the Son of
God. Christ found the doors of men’s hearts generally shut against him, save only a few whose hearts were opened by the almighty power of God, in the way of faith. John 1:12.