Alexander Nisbet – False Teachers Allure Through the Lusts of the Flesh, Those Who Are Clean Escaped. 1659

There may be a very remarkable external change from vile and blasphemous opinions, idolatrous and profane practices, to a profession of truth and suitableness of the outward conversation to it, where there is no saving or inward change made of the heart, from the love of secret lusts to
the love of Christ and His grace; the one without the other may be occasioned by the power of example, the majesty and clearness of truth, which is in nothing contrary to nature’s light, the beauty of holiness shining in the conversation of professors, and outward advantages which sometimes may attend the profession of truth and holiness: for these here who were yet given to the lusts of their flesh and much wantonness had once clean escaped from the blasphemous opinion and profane and idolatrous practices of those without the church, who are here called “them that live in error.”