Alexander Nisbet – False Teachers As Natural Brute Beasts Made to be Taken and Destroyed – 1658

Recording 1 of 2 on 2 Peter 2
A judicious and gracious Scotch commentary, after the style of Dickson and Hutcheson.’ – Spurgeon

Even those who are destitute of the saving knowledge of Christ, and strangers to the mortification of heart pollutions, may find so much power in the knowledge of Him as to make them cleanse their external conversation. The knowledge of Christ is so ravishing a subject, able to divert even an unrenewed mind from many sinful speculations, that even
a hypocrite, living in love with his secret lusts, may escape the pollutions that are breaking forth in the world, through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, [a.] They who have not attained to a heart-outcast with sin and some inward mortification thereof, will , upon fit occasions and temptations, be readily ensnared again and made slaves to these same sins
which were externally reformed, and from the outward acts whereof only they had made an escape : for these here spoken of, having only escaped the pollutions that are in the world through the knowledge of Christ, are again entangled and overcome.