The Life Character and Writings of Matthew Henry – J B Williams – 1828

1701  Diary: By way of lamentation and humiliation. “ I have reason to lament greatly the strength of my own corruptions, and weakness of my graces. By reason of the former, I am as smoking flax, by reason of the latter as a bruised reed.
I am still full of vain thoughts, and empty of good thoughts; many of my secret prayers are wretchedly disfigured and spoiled, by a multitude of distractions and diversions of mind; the flesh and the things of the flesh still minded, to the prejudice of the Spirit, and the neglect of the things of the Spirit.
“ I have lost a great deal of precious time, and not filled it up, or else I might have gone forwarder in my notes on the Evangelist John“ Sins easily beset me, and I do not the things that I would. “ I have very much reason to bewail my manifold defects in my ministerial work, my coldness in prayer, that I speak not of the things of God with more clearness and concern. 0, how many, how great are the iniquities of my holy things.

The Life and Diary of Matthew Henry