John Angell James – Motives to Ministerial Earnestness – 1847

What is the purpose for which this truth, so grand, so awful, so sublime, is revealed by God, and to be preached by us? Not simply to gratify curiosity; not merely to conduct the mind seeking for knowledge, to the fountains where it may slake its thirst; no, but to save the immortal soul from sin, and death, and hell, and conduct it to the abodes of a glorious immortality. The man who can handle such topics, and for such a purpose, in an unimpassioned, careless manner, and an icy heart, is the most astounding instance of guilty lukewarmness in the universe: to his self-contradiction no parallel can be found: and he remains a fearful instance how far it is possible for the human mind to go in the most obvious, palpable, and guilty inconsistency.

Motives to Ministerial Earnestness