Jonathan Edwards – Wicked Men Shall Be Most Extremely and Eternally Miserable In Another World

Preached July 1737

Men are naturally wicked men, as a viper is naturally poisonous. They are born with corrupt and wicked natures as a viper is brought forth with a poisonous nature. A young viper or serpent is of the same poisonous nature that the old one is. As soon as it begins to be, it begins to be of an exceedingly venomous and spiteful nature. Isaiah 14:39: “For out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruits shall be a fiery flying serpent.” Hence men are prone to all manner of wickedness, for men, being without love to God, seek everything that tends to gratify the body or to advance self in the world. The natural appetites, carnal delights, and worldly honor and interest are under no manner of government or regulation or restraint by any manner of regard or respect to God. And therefore what do they care how much He is dishonored?

Wicked Men Miserable in Another World