John Calvin – I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal

An instructive sermon, from 1556, to assist saints suffering in very difficult trials. From John Calvin’s Sermons on Deuteronomy.

From John Hendryx of Monergism, ”

John Calvin preached 200 sermons on Deuteronomy. They have been dropped down the memory hole. In 1583, a translation of them appeared in English. This was ignored, then forgotten. Over four centuries later (1987), the Banner of Truth Trust reprinted an English edition, which was barely readable in 1583, and was worse in the facsimile copy. Today, a used copy sells for $400 or more.

Recently this was put into the public domain. A dedicated woman voluntarily proofed the digital text, and then produced clean copy. The public can now read these sermons, which have been ignored for 450 years.  I want people to know about these remarkable documents.  For free online,


I Kill and Make Alive, I Wound and I Heal