Pike and Hayward – Advice to Person Grievously Distressed With Fears, Doubts, Unbelief

Letter: ” I cannot rejoice at the very thoughts of grace, death, the resurrection, and the life, I am afraid I do not truly and sincerely believe. Believers are exhorted to rejoice always; but I cannot rejoice when I ponder upon the most important concerns of my soul; therefore I fear I am not a believer. Alas! I am not able to look steadily upon Christ as my Saviour. At times when I join with the saints in divine worship, I am pretty confident of an interest in Christ; but when I retire, I conclude that that proceeds only from a kind of a heavenly gale upon them, or else upon myself, merely to capacitate me for more use and service among them. I conceive that my heart is not in the least renewed, but in the sense of Scripture is still a stone. ”

Fears Doubts and Unbelief