John Downame – Comfort For Those Suffering Confused Fears and Terrified Consciences – 1638

J.I. Packer wrote, “Downame stands with Perkins, Greenham, and Richard Rogers as one of the architects of the Puritan theology of godliness.”
Joel Beeke wrote, “With the possible exception of Gurnall’s ‘Christian Armour,’ this book is the finest Puritan work on the theme of the Christian warfare. It is also Downame’s best work.”

This 30 minute sample is from the 1634 edition to assist new converts who are being unusually and violently attacked in their minds from the devil’s onslaughts. There is already about 4 hours of narrations from the 1603 edition of this work. This sample is to assist someone dear to me who is being terribly afflicted.

Comforts for Those Confused With Fears and Terrors in Conscience