Pike and Hayward – Cases of Conscience Number 3 – How to Tell if Threatening or Promise is Divine or Demonic?

How may a person judge, when a promise or threatening comes from God, or is brought by Satan to the soul?

It must be acknowledged to be a very difficult and critical work to distribute to every one their proper portion, and so to divide the word of truth, as to give suitable eneouragement to those to whom it belongs, and vet to leave the hypocrite or presumptuous sinner no room to hope. It is equally difficult to attempt to destroy the vain
confidenee of the sinner, without disturbing the peace, and discouraging the minds of those who are the real followers of Jesus. Who is sufficient for these things? We readily confess our insufficieney ; but yet hope, that the Lord has enabled us to be in
some measure faithful, so far as our spiritual knowledge extends, and may he enable you who read, to deal faithfully with your own souls, that so neither our labour, nor your perusal, may be in vain.

How to Tell if a Promise Or Threatening is Divine or Demonic?