Pike and Hayward – Cases of Conscience Case 2 – 1755 -Recovering from Spiritual Declension

What method must a Christian, in declining circumstances, take to recover a healthful and vigorous frame of soul, so as to be able to maintain real and close communion with God amidst the hurries and
business of this world ?

Through the reputed importunities of our friends, and from satisfactory evidenees of usefulness, we have been prevailed upon to commit to public view a select number of these answers, though somewhat contracted. And we hope, that those into whose
hands they may come, will read them with Christian candour.  And may the Spirit of God, without whose peculiar blessing all attempts will be ineffectual to answer any saving purposes, make these a powerful means or bringing them nearer to Christ, and of making them more lively and active in his service ! If this happy end be but in the least answered, we shall rejoice, and give God all the glory, disregarding all the little contempt that may be cast upon us and our imperfect labours.

Cases of Conscience 2 – Serious Spiritual Declension