Pike and Hayward – Cases of Conscience – Is My Worship Spiritual or Merely Natural? 1755


CASE 1.- How shall we distinguish between the working of natural affection, and the real exercise of grace in religious duties? S.PIKE

THE following answers were, amongst others, delivered in a weekly Lecture, during the last winter, with a view to remove the doubts of the timorous Christian, quicken him in his way to Zion, to guard against presumptuous hopes, and promote the life of religion in the soul. That these important ends might be answered, the auditory were desired to supply us with serious Cases of Conscience, arising from the difficulties they met with in the course of their experienee, and to conceal their names, that so they might, with the greater freedom, propose their respective cases, and that we, in our
solution of them, might be kept from the least degree of fear or restraint. – May 30th 1755
Worship – Natural or Spiritual?