Davis W Clark – Death Bed Scenes – The Dying Backslider / Apostate

This volume owns its origin to a season of calamity. While the cholera was raging in the city of New York during the summer of 1849, the author was called to witness a great variety of ” death-bed scenes.” At the same time his own health was too much shaken to admit of any severe literary pursuit. Under those circumstance the work was suggested to his mind as one likely to subserve a useful purpose; and during that season most of the material for the work was collected and arranged. Since then, it has occupied the hours of respite from more imperious duties, in revision and preparation for the press. In now presenting it to the public, the author would express the hope that it may promote the great interests of true religion.   Under each of these heads the most striking and instructive examples that have occurred are presented ; the whole forming the most complete array of facts ever embodied in any one work, on a subject of universal and most weighty concern.

The Dying Backslider