John Owen – Evangelical Sorrow For Sin, Psalm 130:3

This section hardly has an equal in Puritan writings for experimental theology, an example….”

“I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes.” “What a vile, wretched creature have I been!” saith the soul “I blush and am ashamed to think of my folly, baseness, and ingratitude. Is it possible that I should deal thus with the Lord? I abhor, I loathe myself; I would fly anywhere from myself, I am so vile and loathsome, —a thing to be despised of God, angels, and men.”The soul brings not only its sin but itself also to the law. It puts itself, as to merit and desert, under the stroke and severity of it. Hence ariseth a full justification of God in what sentences soever he shall be pleased to pronounce in the case before him.”

Evangelical Sorrow for Sin, Psalm 130:3