Samuel Davies – Life’s Shortness and Vanity – Funeral Sermon

Indifference to the Things of this Present Life—Urged from Life’s Shortness and Vanity – A funeral sermon by Samuel Davies (1724–1761) “Some desperate sinners have hardened themselves in sin with this cold comfort, “That since they must be miserable hereafter, they will at least take their fill of pleasure here—and take a merry journey to hell.” But alas! What a sorry mitigation will this be! How entirely will all this life of pleasure—be forgotten at the first pang of infernal anguish! Oh! What poor relief to a soul lost forever—to reflect that this eternity of pain followed upon, and was procured by—a few months or years of sordid guilty pleasure! Was that a relief or an aggravation which Abraham mentions to the rich glutton, when he puts him in mind, “Remember that in your lifetime you received your good things”? (Luke 16:25)

Life’s Shortness and Vanity