George Whitefield – The True Way of Keeping Christmas

They cannot be said truly to celebrate this time, who spend their time eating and drinking to excess. This is a season when persons are apt to indulge themselves in all manner of luxury: iniquity now abounds apace; nothing is scarcely to be seen but things of the greatest extravagance imaginable; not only for the necessities of the body, but to pamper it in lust, to feed its vices, to make it go on in sin, to be a means for gratifying our carnal appetite; and this is a means to make us forget the Lord of glory.

The original narration of this was 15 years ago, it was time for a new narration.

The True Way of Keeping Christmas

A W Pink – Man’s Total Inability – Counsel to Preachers

It will thus be seen that there are two chief dangers concerning which the preacher must be on his guard while endeavoring to expound this doctrine. First, while pressing the utter inability of the natural man to meet the just claims of God or even so much as perform a single spiritual duty, he must not overthrow or even weaken the equally evident fact of man’s moral responsibility. Second, in his zeal to leave unimpaired the moral agency and personal accountability of the sinner, he must not repudiate his total depravity and death in trespasses and sins. This is no easy task, and here as everywhere, the minister is made to feel his need of seeking wisdom from above.

Man’s Total Inability – A Word To Preachers


Matthew Henry – He That Despises His Way Shall Die

Oh that young people would betimes manifest their concern for their own way, by paying a respect to their own consciences, getting them rightly informed concerning good and evil, sin and duty, —hearkening to their dictates, though they be but whispered, keeping them tender and afraid of sin, and keeping up their dominion over appetite and passion, and all the lusts of the flesh and of the eye Often call upon conscience to do its office, and do not only give it leave to deal faithfully with you, but charge it to do so; maintain the honour of the government in your own souls, and the due course of law, and suffer it not to be insulted, obstructed, or made despicable;
thus order is kept up in the soul, and its peace secured; and it is the greatest honor you can do yourselves, to maintain a value and veneration for your consciences.

Collected Works and Treatises of M Henry Volume 2

The Folly of Sinners Despising Their Way