William Greenhill – Then Shall You…Loathe Yourselves in Your Own Sight – 1662

Commentary on Ezekiel 36:31 and following

God’s loving-kindnesses and mercies work more with sinners than His judgments do. God’s favor sooner melt’s hard hearts than the fire of His indignation. His kindness is very penetrative, it gets into the hearts of sinners sooner than His threats and frowns. The milk and honey of the gospel affect the hearts of sinners more than the gall and wormwood of the law; Christ on Mount Zion brings more to repentance than Moses on Mount Sinai.

You Shall Loathe Yourselves in Your Own Sight   

John Gregory (J G) Pike – Horrors of Unpardoned Sin In The Prospect of Death and Eternity – 1817

She was much weaker from the loss of blood, and her countenance bespoke the dreadful horror of her mind, which no doubt hastened her speedy dissolution. Oh asking her how she felt, she answered, ‘Miserable! miserable!’ I then repeated some encouraging passages of Scripture to backsliders, but alas! all in vain; her soul labored under the greatest agonies: she exclaimed, ‘ O! how I have been deceived! When I was in health I delayed repentance from time to time; O ! that 1 had my time to live over again. O! that I had obeyed the Gospel; but now I must burn in hell forever. O! I cannot bear it, I can not bear it.’ ” In this manner, she continued breathing outmost horrible expressions.

The Horrors of Unpardoned Sin

Jonathan Edwards – A Reproof of Those Who Carelessly Neglect the Salvation of Christ

From the History of Redemption

Sinners sometimes are ready to wonder why unbelief should be looked upon as a great sin; but if you consider what you have heard, how can you wonder? If this Saviour is so great, and this work so great, and such great things have been done in order to it; truly there is no cause of wonder that the rejection of this Saviour is so provoking to God.

Reproof of Those Who Reject Christ’s Salvation

John Angell James – Motives to Ministerial Earnestness – 1847

What is the purpose for which this truth, so grand, so awful, so sublime, is revealed by God, and to be preached by us? Not simply to gratify curiosity; not merely to conduct the mind seeking for knowledge, to the fountains where it may slake its thirst; no, but to save the immortal soul from sin, and death, and hell, and conduct it to the abodes of a glorious immortality. The man who can handle such topics, and for such a purpose, in an unimpassioned, careless manner, and an icy heart, is the most astounding instance of guilty lukewarmness in the universe: to his self-contradiction no parallel can be found: and he remains a fearful instance how far it is possible for the human mind to go in the most obvious, palpable, and guilty inconsistency.

Motives to Ministerial Earnestness

Why Do The Heathen Rage? Joseph Caryl et. al.

From Spurgeon’s Treasury of David – Psalm 2 – Explanatory Notes and Quaint Sayings.

Verse 12. “If his wrath be kindled but a little;” the Hebrew is if his nose or nostril be kindled but a little; the nostril, being an organ of the body in which wrath shows itself, is put for wrath itself. Paleness and snuffling of the nose are symptoms of anger. In our proverbials, to take a thing in snuff is to take it in anger. Joseph Caryl.

Why Do The Heathen Rage?


Jonathan Edwards – Wicked Men Shall Be Most Extremely and Eternally Miserable In Another World

Preached July 1737

Men are naturally wicked men, as a viper is naturally poisonous. They are born with corrupt and wicked natures as a viper is brought forth with a poisonous nature. A young viper or serpent is of the same poisonous nature that the old one is. As soon as it begins to be, it begins to be of an exceedingly venomous and spiteful nature. Isaiah 14:39: “For out of the serpent’s root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruits shall be a fiery flying serpent.” Hence men are prone to all manner of wickedness, for men, being without love to God, seek everything that tends to gratify the body or to advance self in the world. The natural appetites, carnal delights, and worldly honor and interest are under no manner of government or regulation or restraint by any manner of regard or respect to God. And therefore what do they care how much He is dishonored?

Wicked Men Miserable in Another World


Jonathan Edwards – He That Chastises the Heathen, Shall He Not Correct The Wickedness of His People?

The people of Judah and Jerusalem were followed with the most terrible judgments. They were beset by their enemies, the Chaldeans. They were besieged in their cities and there were to suffer the utmost difficulties so as to be brought to kill and eat the flesh of their own children, and many perished with famine. The tongues of the sucking children stuck to the roof of their mouth for thirst. The young children asked for bread and no man gave it to them. Their flesh became black like an oven because of the terrible famine.

He That Chastises the Heathen, Shall Not He Correct His People?