The Life of Adoniram Judson Part 2

This is the conclusion of the Life of Judson.  It is from the history of the death of Ann to the death of Adoniram, 1850. It details his translation work, marriage to Sarah Boardman, and after her death, Emily Chubbuck. Also his return trip to Boston.

The Life of Adoniram Judson Part 2

“As it respects ourselves,” Mrs. Judson writes, “we are busily employed all day long. I can assure you that we find much pleasure in our employment. Could you look into a large, open room, which we call a veranda, you would see Mr. Judson bent over his table, covered with Burman books, with his teacher at his side, a venerable-looking man in his sixtieth year, with a cloth wrapped round his middle, and a handkerchief round his head. They talk and chatter all day long, with hardly any cessation.”

Judson, Edward. The life of Adoniram Judson

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Thomas Sullivan – The Life of Adoniram Judson 1788-1850



Tom Sullivan – The Great Awakening and the Expulsion of Jonathan Edwards?

If the Great Awakening was so “great” why was Jonathan Edwards’s the theologian of the revival, dismissed from his own pulpit? An Examination of Charles Hodge’s analysis of The Great Revival. Hodge wrote, “This fact demonstrates that there must have been something wrong in these revivals, even under the eye and guidance of Edwards, from the beginning. There must have been many spurious conversions and much false religion which at the time were regarded as genuine. This assumption is nothing more than the facts demand, nor more than Edwards himself frequently acknowledged.” 

Great Awakening and Jonathan Edwards’s Dismissal

Alexander Whyte – Sometimes, I would rather DIE than pray.

The meditations of Alexander Whyte are from the writings of Thomas Shepard. 1605-1649. Beeke wrote, When I first read Alexander’s Whyte’s book on Thomas Shepard some 30 years ago, I was frequently moved to tears. This narration includes, I Abhor Myself, The More I do the Worse I am, and It is sometimes so with me I would rather die than pray.

I Abhor Myself AND I would rather die than pray