David Brainerd – Letters Written From the Brink of the Grave 1744

I have been just a dying now for more than a week; and all around me have thought me so. I have had clear views of eternity; … oh, what anguish is raised in my mind, to think of an eternity for those who are Christless, for those who are mistaken, and who bring their false hopes to the grave with them! The sight was so dreadful I could by no means bear it: my thoughts recoiled, and I said, (under a more affecting sense than ever before,) “Who can dwell with everlasting burnings?” Oh, methought, could I now see my friends, that I might warn them to see to it, that they lay their foundation for eternity sure.

Brainerd’s Letters Written From the Brink of the Grave 1744

William Gurnall – The Christian’s Armor – The Helmet of Hope

O how impotent and poor-spirited is a soul void of this heavenly hope ! What a tame slave has Satan of him! He is the footstool for every base lust to trample upon. He allows the devil to ride him whither be pleases without wincing. No puddle so filthy, but Satan may draw him through with a thread: the poor wretch is well enough contented with his ignoble servitude, because he knows no better master than him he serves, nor better wages than the swill of his sensual pleasures, which his lusts allow him…

The Helmet of the Christian’s Armor

Joseph Jones – 1860 – Man Moral and Physical: or, The Influence of Health and Disease on Religious Experience 3

Temptations – Introspection: We speak of a continual peering inward
on their thoughts, emotions, affections, convictions of sin, and various exercises of mind, instead of looking away from them all to
Christ. It is the natural proneness of a doubting and fearful mind, which it is often hard to resist.

The Effect of Disease on Christian Experience 3 – Temptations

Joseph Jones – 1860 – The Effect of Disease on Christian Experience 2

Four cases of mental disorder within the sphere of the author’s pastoral experience—The mistake of imputing to Satanic agency what is dependent on bodily disease—Case of the wife of
Rev. John Newton—Case of John Bunyan—of Martin
Luther—Opinion of Richard Baxter— Injurious influence on the mind ascribed to Calvinism—Opinion of a writer in the Encyclopedia Britannica—of Esquirol—Macaulay—Haley’s insinuation in relation to Cowper unwarranted— Judicious remark of Dr. Cheyne—Case of
an injured wife in London.

The Effect of Disease on Christian Experience 2

Joseph Jones – 1860 – The Effect of Disease on Christian Experience 1

Christian Experience—Religious frames closely
allied to what is called the ” constitution”—Idiosyncrasies of nature not merged in grace—Remark of the astrologers concerning Cyrus—Example of Simon Peter—of Paul and John— of Melancthon—of Martin Luther—Rev. Timothy Rogers—Christianity made to suffer from the physical sufferings of its professors—Their spiritual
fluctuations produced by physical causes

The Effect of Disease on Christian Experience 1