Richard Adams – Of Hell – Puritan Morning Exercises May 1659

Richard Adams, English Puritan (c. 1626 – February 7, 1698), was a Presbyterian minister. Formerly fellow Brazen Nose College, Oxford. He was ejected from his pulpit for nonconformity in 1662. He assisted Edward Veale in editing and publishing Stephen Charnock’s Discourse of Divine Providence. He contributed four of the Cripplegate Sermons: 1) What are the Duties of Parents and Children; and how are they to be managed according to Scripture?; 2) How may child-bearing Women be most encouraged and supported against, in, and under the Hazard of their Travail?; 3) How are the ordinary Means of Grace more certainly successful for Conversion, than if Persons from Heaven or Hell should tell us what is done there?; and 4) Of Hell. He prepared the commentaries on Philippians and Colossians in Matthew Poole’s Annotations. He published a funeral sermon for Henry Hurst. His own funeral sermon was preached by John Howe.


Richard Adams – Of Hell

Thomas Chalmers – Introductory Essay to William Guthrie’s Trial of a Saving Interest

This narration is a reading of Thomas Chalmer’s Introduction to William Gurthie’s Trial of a Saving Interest. It also includes a chapter from John Angell James, Hindrances to Christian Progress in Sanctification.

Introductory Essay – William Guthrie’s Trial of a Saving Interest