John Owen – The Grace and Duty of Being Spiritually Minded Chapter 13

This chapter is, “The work of the renovation of our affections — How differenced from any other impression on or change wrought in them, and how it is evidenced so to be — The first instance, in the universality accompanying of affections spiritually renewed — The order of the exercise of our affections with respect unto their objects.” It also includes a reading from William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armor, and answer to a mourning Christian who doesn’t feel that God is answering his prayers for grace and strength to fight his corruptions and indwelling sin.

Spiritual Mindedness Part 3 chapt. 13

John Owen – Spiritual Mindedness Part 3 Chapters 11-12

The third part of this lengthy treatise – The Grace and Duty of Being Spiritually Minded – has never been narrated before, but must be included in the best of Owen’s works on Christian practice. Owen wrote, “The great contest of heaven and earth is about the affections of the poor worm which we call man. That the world should contend for them is no wonder; it is the best that it can pretend unto. But that the holy God should as it were engage in the contest and strive for the affections of man, is an effect of infinite condescension and grace.” Works Vol. 7 p. 484. If any Christian wants to know what it is to “love the world” and to “be crucified” to it, this is the book he should read, and now listen to.

Spiritual Mindedness Part 3 chapt. 11 12


Mortification of sin, the second part of sanctification — Frequently
prescribed and enjoined as a duty — What the name signifies, with
the reason thereof; as also that of crucifying sin — The nature of
the mortification of sin explained — Indwelling sin, in its principle,
operations, and effects, the object of mortification — Contrariety
between sin and grace

Discourse on the Mortification of Sin from Volume 3