The Life of William Kiffin, Chapters 4 to 6

Mr. Kiffin was evidently raised up by the providence of God and invested with his talents, influence, and wealth to shield his persecuted brethren in times specially calamitous; and in a spirit of supreme love to Jesus, for half a century, he was the father of the English Baptists. He died Sept. 29, 1701.

The Life of William Kiffin2

Abraham Booth – Personal Holiness Not a Prerequisite to Coming to Christ

When a sinner is burdened with guilt, and filled with apprehensions of eternal ruin, his language is, What shall I do to be saved? or, How shall I escape the wrath to come? Being ignorant of that righteousness which the gospel reveals for the justification of the ungodly, he labors to obtain acceptance with God by his own efforts: till, becoming better acquainted with the purity of the law, the holiness of God, and the corruption of his own heart, he despairs of being justified by the works of the law.

Holiness Not a Prerequisite to Coming to Christ

John Spilsbury -The Saints Interest by Christ in all the Privileges of Grace 2

Herein it is proved that Christ hath not presented
to bis Fathers justice and satisfaction for the sins of all
men; but only for the sins of those that do, or shall believe
in him ; which are his Elect only : And the objections
of those that maintain the contrary are all answered.

This treatise is co-written by Benjamin Coxe

Saints Interest by Christ in Grace Priviledges 2

Nehemiah Coxe – Ordination of Deacons and Elders

Nehemiah Coxe was the son of the early Particular Baptist leader Benjamin Coxe. In 1669, he joined the Bedford church made famous by John Bunyan, and in 1673 was called to serve as pastor of the church’s sub-congregation at Hitchin. ccel

The Ordination of Deacons and Elders

Autobiography of William Kiffin Chapters 7 and 8

From Hayden’s English Baptist History

Kiffin was brought to Christ in his teenage years under the ministry of John Goodwin. By 1644 Kiffin had been appointed pastor of the Devonshire Square church where he served God until his death in 1701. It was from this church that he went as representative to 1689 General Assembly and subscribed the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

The Life of William Kiffin chapters 7 and 8



Benjamin Wallin (1711-1782) Redeemer’s Charge to Declining Churches 3 of 3

Wallin, Benjamin, son of Edward Wallin, pastor of the Baptist Church, Maze Pond, Southwark, was born in London in 1711. He received a good education under the care of the Rev. John Needham, of Hitchin (father of the hymnwriter of that name, and was for a time engaged in business. But in 1740 he responded to an earnest request to become pastor of the church over which his father had presided, and this position he retained until his death on Feb. 19, 1782. Mr. B. Wallin published nearly forty sermons, charges, and other small religious books and pamphlets.

The Reedemer’s Charge to Declining Churches