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Matthew Henry – He That Despises His Way Shall Die

Oh that young people would betimes manifest their concern for their own way, by paying a respect to their own consciences, getting them rightly informed concerning good and evil, sin and duty, —hearkening to their dictates, though they be but whispered, keeping them tender and afraid of sin, and keeping up their dominion over appetite and passion, and all the lusts of the flesh and of the eye Often call upon conscience to do its office, and do not only give it leave to deal faithfully with you, but charge it to do so; maintain the honour of the government in your own souls, and the due course of law, and suffer it not to be insulted, obstructed, or made despicable;
thus order is kept up in the soul, and its peace secured; and it is the greatest honor you can do yourselves, to maintain a value and veneration for your consciences.

Collected Works and Treatises of M Henry Volume 2

The Folly of Sinners Despising Their Way