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The Kentucky Revival of 1800 – Cane Ridge Revival – 1801

Sunday School taught by Thomas Sullivan: The stories of William McCready and Barton Stone,  the Logan County Revival of 1800 and the Cane Ridge Revival of 1801. The history of Camp Meetings and an introduction to the physiological phenomenon known as the jerks.

Kentucky Revival of 1800

James McGready – The Sinner’s Guide to Hell – about 1800

From an online Encyclopedia: ” James McGready 1763-1815

In 1793 McGready was ordained by the Orange Presbytery and assigned to the pastorates of the Stony Creek and Haw River Presbyterian churches. n 1796 his pulpit was removed from the Stony Creek church and burned, and a message written in blood was sent to him threatening physical violence unless he changed his preaching emphasis. He removed to Kentucky and was used in the Great Revival in Kentucky of 1800. As one can judge here, his emphasis in his preaching did not change.

The Sinner’s Guide to Hell