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Thomas Sullivan – History of Christianity in America, Cotton Mather and the Salem Witch Trials of 1692

Cotton Mather, and the Salem Witch Trials. His name has been dragged through the dirt for years due to the massive volumes of Charles W Upham, and others. So, I found a couple of titles that really helped to set the record straight. Including Enoch Pond, The Mather Family. For example, there is no proof Cotton Mather road in on a horse to cross-examine the testimony of the pastor George Burroughs who was about to be hanged and pleaded against him. Also a short biography of Cotton Mather and a look at his promotion of the smallpox vaccine.

Powerpoint Presentation (Google Slides) download below.

THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA – Thomas Sullivan – New England Expansion – The Puritans and Education

Tom Sullivan teaches about the History of Christianity in America, Its Rise, and Decline – Lesson 2. From John Winthrop to a view of the priority of education in New England. Then a look at the decline of education through the introduction of the Public Education System, 1840.

In this Sunday School, we examine the beginning of public education, where it started, what was the purpose.

William Reid _ Authentic Records of Revival – Ireland 1859 – Straid

As many of the converts come from a distance and desire to remain all day, they sometimes receive refreshments, to help them in their spiritual desire for the means of grace. At last Sabbath morning’s service, the house was crowded, being communion Sabbath. Most of the recent converts sat down for the first time with us at the Lord’s table. In all, twenty-seven have been added to our fellowship. May the Divine Head make them faithful to His truth. The service in the evening, being very large, was held on the green. Some of the converts told us of their conversion, while other friends prayed. I gave two addresses and prayed, during which the whole assembly seemed to be filled by one intense feeling of anxiety. Numbers cried for mercy. None would consent to depart until the morning, when they retired in their usual way, singing songs of praise, many accompanying, full of the joys of salvation, having found peace with God. And not a few were converted on their way home, having carried the arrows of conviction from the meeting.

John Owen – Makes Straight Paths For Your Feet

Commentary on Hebrews 12:13

To make halts or balks in our way of profession, or crooked paths, in neglect of duty or compliances with the world, in time of trial and persecution, is an evidence of an evil frame of heart, and of a dangerous state or condition. When we see persons in such a state, it is our duty to be very careful so to behave ourselves as not to give any occasion to their further miscarriages, but rather to endeavor their healing.

Edward Payson – His Diary – 1806

March 12. Never appeared so exceedingly vile and loathsome to myself as I did this day. It seemed as if I could not endure being near myself. No words could express anything like the sense I had of my unworthiness. It seemed as if I could not, for shame, ask God to save me. I felt like sinking into the dust, in the idea that his pure eye was fixed upon me, and that saints and angels saw how vile I was. ” March 15. Sabbath. Rose very early, and was favored with sweet fervency and communion with God in prayer. Went to bed, and lay till morning. Enjoyed great liberty in prayer several times before meeting.

Phillip Doddridge – Prayers for Assistance to Live the Christian Life – 1745

From the Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul

Surely, if ever I knew the appetite of hunger, my soul hungers after righteousness, (Matt. 5:6) and longs for a greater conformity to thy blessed nature and holy will. If ever my palate felt thirst, ‘my soul thirsteth for God, even for the living God,’ (Psa. 42:2) and panteth for the more abundant communication of his favor. If ever this body, when wearied with labor or journeys, knew what it was to wish for the refreshment of my bed, and rejoice to rest there, my soul, with sweet acquiescence, rests upon thy gracious bosom, O my heavenly Father, and returns to its repose in the embraces of its God, ‘who hath dealt so bountifully with it.’