THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA – {10} Life of Samuel Davies 1723-1761

Letter to Joseph Bellamy, “there are about three hundred communicants in my congregation, of whom the greater number are, in the judgment of charity, real Christians, besides some, who through excessive scrupulousness, do not seek admission to the Lord’s table. There is also a number of Negroes. Sometimes I see a hundred and more among my hearers. I have baptized about forty of them within these three years, upon such profession of faith, as I then judged credible.”

Thomas Sullivan – History of Christianity in America, Cotton Mather and the Salem Witch Trials of 1692

Cotton Mather, and the Salem Witch Trials. His name has been dragged through the dirt for years due to the massive volumes of Charles W Upham, and others. So, I found a couple of titles that really helped to set the record straight. Including Enoch Pond, The Mather Family. For example, there is no proof Cotton Mather road in on a horse to cross-examine the testimony of the pastor George Burroughs who was about to be hanged and pleaded against him. Also a short biography of Cotton Mather and a look at his promotion of the smallpox vaccine.

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THE HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY IN AMERICA – Thomas Sullivan – New England Expansion – The Puritans and Education

Tom Sullivan teaches about the History of Christianity in America, Its Rise, and Decline – Lesson 2. From John Winthrop to a view of the priority of education in New England. Then a look at the decline of education through the introduction of the Public Education System, 1840.

In this Sunday School, we examine the beginning of public education, where it started, what was the purpose.

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