John Angell James – Letters to the 7 Churches Part 2 – from The Church in Earnest.

The church, though in this deplorable state, was not aware of its condition, but thought all was going on well; it did not know that it was “wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.” This is surprising and affecting, and shows, in an alarming view, how far self-deception may be carried, especially in the case of those, who, like the members of the church at Laodicea, are much taken up with the enjoyment of worldly prosperity. Let a professor of religion have his mind much occupied with the cares of business, and his affections much engrossed with the objects of sense, and it is astonishing how ignorant and mistaken he may remain as to the real state of his soul.

Letters to the 7 Churches – The Church in Earnest Part 2

John Angell James – Letters to the 7 Churches from The Church in Earnest.

The book, The Church in Earnest, was a followup book to An Earnest Ministry. It was published in 1850. This chapter is the first part of his exhortations to the churches in Revelation through Thyatira.

Letters to the 7 Churches – The Church in Earnest

James McGready – The Sinner’s Guide to Hell – about 1800

From an online Encyclopedia: ” James McGready 1763-1815

In 1793 McGready was ordained by the Orange Presbytery and assigned to the pastorates of the Stony Creek and Haw River Presbyterian churches. n 1796 his pulpit was removed from the Stony Creek church and burned, and a message written in blood was sent to him threatening physical violence unless he changed his preaching emphasis. He removed to Kentucky and was used in the Great Revival in Kentucky of 1800. As one can judge here, his emphasis in his preaching did not change.

The Sinner’s Guide to Hell

Jonathan Edwards – An Humble Attempt to Promote Prayer for Revival


The first parts of this excellent work are only partially read as it is Edwards’s commentary on prophetical passages from his post-millenial views that the kingdom was near at hand in 1744. The narration is the first part of Part 2 which is very edifying and an exhortation and encouragment to prayer so much needed in our day.

Humble Call to United Prayer


Joshua Bradley – Accounts of Revivals from 1815-1818 in America

This account of revivals is from numerous publications and letters. This narration also includes a reading from an article in the 1838 Biblical Repertory from a pastor who was at the Kentucky revivals of 1800-1803 who also witnessed the physiological aberrations referred to as the jerks. Iain Murray details this revival in great detail in his work Revivals and Revivalism.

Accounts of Revivals from 1815-1818

Tom Sullivan – Pilgrim’s Progress Final – Fearful End of Ignorance

In this solemn lesson, the story of the casting out of Ignorance from the gate of heaven is explained. Quotes are given from Jonathan Edwards’s sermon Sinners in Zion Tenderly Warned, John Bunyan’s Barren Fig Tree, or the Downfall of the Fruitless Professor, and Samuel Davies, The Resurrection of the Dead. So as to not leave the hearers in despair, the lesson is finished off with a reading of The Holy War, Emmanuel Addresses the Inhabitants of Mansoul.

The Fearful End of Ignorance

Thomas Sullivan – The River of Death – Pilgrim’s Progress

In this lesson we examined why for some saints, crossing the great divide is fearful, why God seems to hide His face, and how to prepare for that solemn day. We mentioned the story: A death-bed dialogue: being a series of conversations between Mr. Shirra, 1724-1803 and Mr. Lister – a 27-year-old young pastor who feared he was only a hypocrite. That story is narrated and is also on this site.

Robert Shirra – Death Bed Dialogue Between Shirra and Thomas Lister 1789

The River of Death – Pilgrim’s Progress


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